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Rocky Horror Show Amazon CD Set

Rocky Horror Collectors Edition Album Box Set

Midnights Friday and Saturday... sell-out crowds... audiences go wild... madness takes its toll.

From the screen to the stage The Rocky Horror Show has been an international phenomenon. Never has an audience embraced a film, a show, a production with such passion. From the unenlightened (known as virgins) who have not had the pleasure to dabble into the world of Rocky there is no better introduction. Here we present The Rocky Horror Show Album Box Set Four must have albums from the original cast members to international cast recordings in one bumper package, including:

CD1 - Rocky Horror Picture Show Original Film Sound Track

CD2 - Rocky Horror Show Original Roxy Cast

CD3 - Rocky Horror Picture Show Songs From The Vaults 

CD4 - Rocky Horror International

There seems to be no end to the power of The Rocky Horror Show and all that remains ahead... more enlightened virgins... more anniversaries... more memorabilia... and absolute pleasure to last a lifetime.

Product Description

4CD set. Definitive 63-track compilation of its various incarnations! Features the 1975 film album and 1974 Roxy cast recording, plus rare BONUS cuts and various international cast variations.

This is a must have for any die-hard Rocky fan. 

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